Virus Prevention Advice

People creating viruses and identity theft trojans are in it for BIG BUSINESS! Virus authors continue to increase their stealth and creativity to infect your computer equipment. Fortunately, many of the the same safeguards still apply to keeping your computer clean and a few reminders can go a long way.

Do NOT open attachments, even claiming to be from Windows for any important “security updates.” Microsoft NEVER distributes security patches via e-mail.

DO use a good virus and spyware scanner, or at minimal a free one. We recommend MalwareBytes and AVG. They are both free and both offer consistently high levels of virus definition updates. Also, check with your internet provider, many have bundled virus scanners within their service package.

DO make sure you UPDATE your virus and spyware scanners and run full scans at least weekly.

DO Make sure you apply all available Windows Security patches (Start->Help & Support->Windows Update).

AVOID dowloading pictures, music from “sharing” websites.

DO make sure your equipment is behind the protection of a firewall that detects and prevents unauthorizied “inbound” traffic AND “outbound” traffic. Many ISPs provide routers with basic protection built-in to the firewalls they give you already. Make sure you know how to configure them for your best protection. Many ISPs will help you with this as part of your service package.

Do NOT click on links sent to you from seemingly “valid” busineses (i.e. amazon, ups, banking institutions, Facebook).

Many of these “phishing” e-mails contain “valid enough” looking text and graphics that you may REALLY be tempted, and some threaten shutting off various access you have.